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Ez a háború nem test-test ellen folyik, hanem szellem-szellem ellen. Isten harcosa nem harcol fémkarddal, hanem Isten igéjével, példamutatással és bátorsággal. Isten harcosa azért kapta a világosságot, hogy hirdesse minden népnek és minden nemzetnek, s nem azért, hogy az írástudókhoz hasonlóan vitatkozzon rajta. Aki Istenről ott is bizonyságot tesz, ahol kerülik az  ő nevét, méltóvá lesz, hogy Isten is megemlékezzen róla, ha itt az ideje.

Napi dilemma

The dilemma of the creation
You may decide every day whether you look to the future with anxiety, and with this slowly, but surely you create that, what you are afraid of, or you wait with hope and confidence that, what you need.
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1. Cowardice
(Spiritual life/Lelki élet - English (United Kingdom))
... man is coward, who endures the most extreme situations well, also that man can be unfaithful, who never slipped into the bed apart from his spouse, also that man can be untrue, who’s holy conviction ...
2. Inner travel
(Spiritual life/Gondolatok - English (United Kingdom))
... rather even if a temptation would come, there is no chance to let him. All my things were a sleeping bag and apart from the dress on me, plus a change suit.   I bought some bottles of cleaned ...
3. Judge according to body
(Spiritual life/Lelki élet - English (United Kingdom))
... existence-sustainer program of human being. On the other hand, the repulsive feeling, which is generated only from the capabilities of other people’s bodies, is the result of a judging man’s ...
4. The law
(Spiritual life/Gondolatok - English (United Kingdom))
... acts alone, it’s a big trouble for him if he does not know the topmost law. A man like this resists with the law apart from his will also, so the topmost truth brings decay, suffering and death onto ...
5. The water element
(Ayurveda generally/Ayurveda generally - English (United Kingdom))
... the water becomes smooth as the water of the summer lake and they are capable to build harmonic and lasting relationships without any affections.  Physical water In body those systems belong to ...
6. The dogma
(Spiritual life/Gondolatok - English (United Kingdom))
... God and noone else is outside of him).   There is no man who would know it apart from me (would not suspect or believe it!) that the science slowly get’s stuck in the search of the truth ...
7. The tree of the life and the death
(Spiritual life/Lelki élet - English (United Kingdom))
... ends so as well, namely the desire.     * Without the existence thirst and fear the forbear confidence revives again, and the man disengages from his bodily captivity.   Apart ...
8. Answers
(Spiritual life/Gondolatok - English (United Kingdom))
... Holy Spirit as well, who makes the man capable to forgive the old faith system, or one of the element of it, without it the alteration of the faith system isn’t impossible, but it is possible that ...
9. The humility
(Spiritual life/Lelki élet - English (United Kingdom))
... morals, in which the man apart from the Divine will, acts accrding to his own faith in every moment and he would never betray that neither for the object of his affection, nor from a fear.   The ...
10. God servants under a judgement
(Spiritual life/Téveszmék eloszlatása - English (United Kingdom))
... human laws, if he forms false ethical order, that not only lifts up the man, but pushes him into thick darkness. The following things can cause the fall of a religious leader apart from the general sins ...
11. Faith and stubbornness
(Ayurvedic contents/Napi bölcsesség - English (United Kingdom))
If you insist to the lie, you are stubborn, if to the truth or to your pledge, then faithful. Nobody can tell apart from you, which lord you serve, since nobody knows it, what you believe in.You are ...
12. The marriage
(Contacts/Kapcsolatok - English (United Kingdom))
... rate of the divorces. It can be seen from this, how seriously the couples take their (divine) pledge.   Apart from the sharing of the resources, burdens and apart from the founding a family, the ...
13. Depression after child-birth
(Contacts/Babák és mamák - English (United Kingdom))
... will I be a good parent? Will they be capable to care about the baby and to fit into the role of parent? What should the parent do? They need to take the responsibility for their decision, they need to ...
14. The false God picture
(Spiritual life/Téveszmék eloszlatása - English (United Kingdom))
... are angry. You understand it, right? J   The third aspect of God is the peace. That relaxed state, when in the consciousness the fulfilment of two or more truth may happen without the incapacitation ...
15. The fire element
(Ayurveda generally/Ayurveda generally - English (United Kingdom))
... that the suitable mixed nourishment, the suitable breathing capacity, and the suitable amount of liquid input has to be assured and because of this those prophets are false, who urge eg. the vegetarian ...
16. Abortion
(Contacts/Kapcsolatok - English (United Kingdom))
... of its reason (does not feel himself/herself capable, does not have the conditions, there is no proper material background, does not want to commit himself / herself, etc). The fear, the shyness is one ...
17. The father
(Contacts/Család - English (United Kingdom))
... weal. The task of the father is to teach the child to the man aspects. Even boy or a girl is the child, they both need to learn staying capable of living, to create the conditions which are necessary ...
18. To become as one
(Spiritual life/Gondolatok - English (United Kingdom))
... touch and taste everything promptly, apart from this the adult man examines the things which are unknown for him with his eyes, and one of the form of the communication to the contact uptake. The leap ...
19. The rise of tamasz
(Ayurveda generally/Ayurveda generally - English (United Kingdom))
... into a conflict, into a sin and often he is unable to create a change in himself that would support his aims.   Apart from the above the fears will raise the tamasz, I won’t detail it now ...
20. Siblings
(Contacts/Család - English (United Kingdom))
... learn already from his childhood the most important divine aspects like the justice, the equality, etc. The child, the more siblings he has, the easiest he can learn that apart from him there is also someone ...
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Daily caution

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Ne attól félj, ami megtörténhet veled, hanem attól, hogy a félelmed miatt közben elfelejtesz boldoggá lenni. Ha megsértenek, ha elhagynak, ha bántanak, csak ideig-óráig fáj. Ha jó előre félsz, az lehet egész életedben fájni fog. Ha nem ismered a jövőt, minek szenvedésre ítélned magad?

Téves mondások

Én ismerlek téged...
There are no translations available.

"Én ismerlek téged..." - aki magát nem ismeri, a másik embert sem ismerheti. Ilyenkor ez a mondás feltételezés és extrapoláció a korábbi tapasztalt viselkedésekből. Valójában egy lényt sem ismerhetsz meg teljesen, csak azokat a törvényszerűségeket, amelyek által változik, vagy éppen képtelen a változásra.