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Daily wisdom

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Ha hittel, de alázattal cselekszel helytelenül, megtévesztett vagy, van ígéreted a megigazulásra. Ha tudod, mi a helyes, mégis másként cselekszel, akkor ostoba vagy, bár sorsod a saját kezedben van, önmagad ítélete alatt állsz. Helytelen hittel, büszkén és alázat nélkül, Isten országában akkor is senki vagy, ha többnek gondolod magad.

Napi dilemma

The rule dilemma
You may create a new rule every day, with which you may protect yourself from your pains, or you recognise the topmost law, and you may live without a pain.
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1. Ayurveda generally
(Section - English (United Kingdom))
Az ayurvéda filozófiája általában.  ...
2. Inner travel
(Spiritual life/Gondolatok - English (United Kingdom))
 The people striving for the awareness think that they know themselves very well, so they or their families are shocked, if a change not waited for occurs in their life. I tell you a story, from which ...
3. Judge according to body
(Spiritual life/Lelki élet - English (United Kingdom))
  In plazas, plages I always meet people who look at other people’s body either with unquenchable desire or with deep loathing. It does not matter if this happens because of sexual desire ...
4. The book of the life and the death
(Spiritual life/Lelki élet - Hungarian (formal))
 Most of the people are make sure of that the order of the life is, if someone borns, grows up, contrives somehow the life, then he dies. Since he is underage spiritually, and does not have a true ...
5. The Holy Spirit
(Spiritual life/Lelki élet - English (United Kingdom))
  According to the priest’s teachings the people keep it so, that there are three persons in God:the father, the boy and the Holy Spirit. This time I write you about the Holy Spirit at ...
6. The law
(Spiritual life/Gondolatok - English (United Kingdom))
The man, if he hurts the personality rights of the other people or the property, gets his worthy punishment through state laws. The primal virtue of the regulator system brought by the society is that ...
7. The water element
(Ayurveda generally/Ayurveda generally - English (United Kingdom))
 Water element is the 4th element in the creation process according to Ayurveda. Man would think that this is the most obvious element, but we will notice that it is not that simple. As it was true ...
8. The dogma
(Spiritual life/Gondolatok - English (United Kingdom))
   A psychologist told me once that the religious doctrines are dogmatic, they do not stand their ground in the world already. It is more popular to concern the group of the people who are ...
9. Suffering
(Spiritual life/Lelki élet - English (United Kingdom))
 Once upon a time a famous master said that suffering is the truth in this world. Buddha tought, that man who does not know the spiritual laws could easily leave the way of morals and judge himself ...
10. Pitta baby
(Contacts/Babák és mamák - English (United Kingdom))
 We continue our introduction of ayurvedic baby types with the Pitta baby, just after the Vata baby. The main element of Pitta is the fire which determines the different aspects of the Pitta baby. ...
11. The fight of dragons
(Spiritual life/Gondolatok - English (United Kingdom))
 Man would think that dragons do not exist, they died out so late, that their memory lives only in fantasy art. A mixed idea is attached to the dragons. There are people who remember to the evil dragons ...
12. The air element
(Ayurveda generally/Ayurveda generally - English (United Kingdom))
 The air element is the second element in the creation process, just after the ether. Similarly to the other elements we can say, that this element is not similar to the air decribed by the science, ...
13. Family morals
(Contacts/Család - English (United Kingdom))
    When two people founds a family, do not only undertake to live in one flat, maybe they take in a child, but unsaid also for that to unit their moral values. If the combination does ...
14. Useless
(Spiritual life/Gondolatok - English (United Kingdom))
 Man who is not conscious, or with other words: who lives with passion, can be identified easily as he does a lot of useless thing, which has no benefit in his life, but it fills his earthly life ...
15. Breast-milk problems
(Contacts/Babák és mamák - English (United Kingdom))
 Breast milk feeding from the moment of the birth supports not only the grow of the child, but also the strenghtening of the baby-mother relationship. Beginner mothers have no experience about this ...
16. The poison
(Ayurveda generally/Ayurveda generally - English (United Kingdom))
 The detoxication is such a popular treatment in Hungary today, that it would be maybe worth to clarify what is that poison, since to detoxify is only possible in the aware of that if the man knows ...
17. God servants under a judgement
(Spiritual life/Téveszmék eloszlatása - English (United Kingdom))
 Religious leaders, priests and masters. Their task is to raise and to free the humanity. They call themselves the servants of God, but God prepared bigger judgement to most of them, than for the ...
18. Value
(Spiritual life/Lelki élet - English (United Kingdom))
 If you run in the world thoughtfully (you can also hear it in your family) you can recognise people boasting with their spiritual values. In most of the cases those kicks up their values who were ...
19. The scale of the faith
(Spiritual life/Lelki élet - English (United Kingdom))
 Many people believe, they say it about themselves at least. When the life tries their faith though, they contrive an event with a deformed face because of the self-pity and the pain. There are false ...
20. The marriage
(Contacts/Kapcsolatok - English (United Kingdom))
 It is not a fashion to get married in our times, and from those people who got married, most of them do not even know what is the marriage. It is a legal bond according to the Hungarian laws, according ...
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Daily caution

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Ne attól félj, ami megtörténhet veled, hanem attól, hogy a félelmed miatt közben elfelejtesz boldoggá lenni. Ha megsértenek, ha elhagynak, ha bántanak, csak ideig-óráig fáj. Ha jó előre félsz, az lehet egész életedben fájni fog. Ha nem ismered a jövőt, minek szenvedésre ítélned magad?

Téves mondások

Nem bocsátok meg neked, mert...
There are no translations available.

"Nem bocsátok meg neked, mert..." - Ostoba ember, a haragod nem a másik embernek árt, hanem neked. Nem a másik emberért kell megbocsátanod, hanem magadért, hogy kettőség nélkül, boldogan élj ezen a Földön.