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Az öt elem és a teremtéstörténetThe five elements (the earth, the water, the fire, the air and the ether) is not only the basis of ayurveda, but also the basis of other therapeutic science (e.g. chinese remedy) which originates from the ayurveda. Many people dealt already with the mistery of the five elements, if you look around on the internet, you may find many writings about them, but I would like to light them from a quite another aspect. The detailed analysis of the certain elements will follow this article.


There is only one single truth that exists on this world, which the human mind is still able to accept:”There is one God, and noone else is outside of him” – the Biblical law sounds so, or rather “ Everything is One” – the law of the yogis, the teaching of the eastern religions sounds so. Although the “One” is indivisible, even so he has shared himself, and created the three ancient principles, about which I talked a lot already here on the portal. These three Ghuna is the principle of the light (szattva), the darkness (tamasz) and the mobility (radzsasz). The principle is very similar to the story of the bibilical creation:”3. And God said:Let’s be light:and there was light. 4. And God saw that the light is good;and God separated the light from the darkness.” /Moses 1.3-4/.

The development of the five elements

Since there was not yet a material this time, the three ghuna just has been a spiritual-senses principles. Due to these three strengths slowly also the material was created. First of all the ether, which has been exploded from the (the One) senses, that the scholars do not understand the mistery of it still today (the forbear explosion). The space element cloted with the dark principle of the tamasz or rather with the mobility of the radzsasz and created the air element (the material swung into move, the cosmos started to expand). With the strengthening of the tamasz the fire element has been created from the air, and the space has been filled up with the hot gas clouds. As the space was growing, together with it also the power of the tamasz was growing, and created the water forbear element, which through his nature (holds together, connects) created small gas sets. The first gas spheres and the starts came into existence. As a result of the knots, the gas spheres had a very high temperature, however in space parts falling farther on from them the temperature decreased, with the drop of the radzsasz on these places the tamasz gained newer ground and because of this the earth element appeared (the hot gases chilled, the mobility of the material decreased).
From one there got to be three, from three there got to be five and from five got to be everything, this is the teaching of the vedas. However the vedas wrote done this process more thousand years ago, the science had similar conclusions only “now”. From this it follows that sooner or later also the correct science arrives to God, but a little bit slowlier than the believer people. The membrane theory stands very close to it already. It is also an important information, that the forbear explosion and the creation theory are very similar to each other, the religions should carry smaller blinkers only.
All of the five elements carries the attributes of the three Ghuna that is mentioned so many times on this portal. The more mobile an element (e.g. air, fire) is, the more is the radzsasz in it, the more knitted is an element (e.g. earth, water), the more is the tamasz in it. The szattva orders the lifeless elements into a system and creates the different leves of the existence. The effect of the szattva is that there is flora, fauna and also the man. At the same time the enumeration marks the measure of the szattva that resides in the entities.
The task of this article won’t be the detailed discussion of the five elements, I meant this now as an introduction, for you to understand the next articles, in which I will write about the elements singly. However I would like to call your attention to one thing, that also the man carries in himself the accurate image of the story of the creation.

The five elements in the man

The man lives in unity with the One senses and with the forbear elements, let’s observe the meaning of your chakras well:the crown chakra is the level of the one senses, the thirds eye is the level of the individual senses, the throat chakra is the level of the ether element, the heart chakra is the level of the air element, the sunbraid chakra is the level of the fire element, the navel chakra is the level of the water element and the root chakra is the level of the earth element. If you are going from above to down than you may discover that process in yourself, that I wrote down in the story about the creation. The ether got to be from the senses, from the ether the air, from the air the fire, from the fire the water and from the water the earth due to the ghunas. So you join also to the mystery of the creation and I hope you understand that when I tell you a story in another article, that you are not a body, but a soul, you have to understand this. If you find out this contact than the world that you see will be transformed and you will be freed from it’s suffering. God created the man to his own image…understand it.
This article is not suitable for you to recognise every single detail of the mystery, but it is good for that to call your attention, where you come from and where you are going. As long as you live as a body, you carry the principles of the elements in yourself that creates the body (tamasz:darkness, denial, fear; radzsasz:desire, mobility), till then you are not able to recognize that entity who you really are. Your desires and your fears are playing like the musician of the life on the flute which symbolizes the five elements, now reducing, now increasing it’s strength. You are the flute. However when the szattva becomes light in you, you yourself will be the musician and you are playing as you would like. This is the secret of the music of the spheres, about which many people talk, but most of them do not even know, what it means.