Value Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   

 ÉrtékIf you run in the world thoughtfully (you can also hear it in your family) you can recognise people boasting with their spiritual values. In most of the cases those kicks up their values who were previously proud of it.  Correct value will present the brightness of sattva, while incorrect value will present the darkness of tamas to Man.

It is not proper to boast with something which man does not know what it means, especially if he refutes it at the first time, what he was proud of before. Who boasts and after the lie of his boast will be discovered, can easily be the servant of the evil.
I do not want to compare the value of the material things. I just would like to remind you that value is relative in the material world. If you ask anybody about material values the first things comes to their mind will be: money, treasure, house, car, yacht, private-aeroplane.  Just think about it! What would you do with a car if you were in a desert island; and what would you do if you did not know how to make fire? What would you do with your private aeroplane if you were suffering in deathly illness and you would not be able to receive medicine in time? What would you do with your yacht if there is no-one in the world who loves you? It can happen that a chipped penknife, a watered match or a piece of string become valuable than the whole gold of the world. If a value is relative (does not exist in itself), in this case it is an illusion.
Imagine that a woman's husband accidentally shatters his wife's favourite vase, and because of this the wife yells the man's honour. Or in a converse situation the woman pours out the man’s brandy what she found in the pantry, and because of this the man abuses her, or with alcoholic people even a violence can occur.
What does value say? If you look deeper you will see, that for the wife the vase was more important than her love and respect for her husband; so the vase represents higher value than respect and love. The situation is the same for the husband also. For him the brandy was more important than the love and respect of her wife, and also her safety. Imagine how many similar case happening in the world with different person and different tools. How many people reveal the truth, the love, the peace (even their own peace) just because of some useless objects which does not even make them happy. This is the real intrigue of Evil which convince lot of people and send them to death.
There is lot to harvest, but there is not enough worker. There are only a few people standing on a high level of moral to be able to suffer any loss in the name of peace, love and truth; who will be able to give their life to protect these holy things. Those few people who walks on the narrow road are the champs of God, but the other who are coward and unbeliever they just sold their soul to the evil.  The value of the champs of God is not the money and not the material things; their real value is the truth, the love, the peace and the moral.  Everybody heard these words, but only a few of them knows the real content all over the world.
God teaches his nation in the explanation of the Ten Commandment to give back the pawn till sunset and release the debt after one week; not to be tempted by the Evil.  Jesus teaches: “If anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, let him have your coat also. Whoever forces you to go one mile, go with him two.” /Mt. 5. 40-41/.
Who insist on things from this world is from this world and his lord is the Evil; and who is asked to the world of God is not from this world and insist on collecting spiritual treasures and not to reveal them either for money, nor any object or other temporal thing.  The value determines who is the servant of God and who is the servant of Evil, and the reward is given accordingly.