Love of God Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   

Isten szereteteI read a circular letter. The sender scandalize the part of society which eats meat with referring to the love of God; advertise the vegetarian life, and at the end of the letter he offers his recipe-club for everybody. In an other circular resistants are recruited in the name of love of God against the building operations in Dobogókő. Because of these popular errors and because of Védika’s request in the forum I write about love of God.


I hope everybody accepts that love is: not doing harm, and having respect for others existence. If this is true, it would be hard to describe the concept of love on that consciousness level, where almost the 99,9% of the population of the Earth is.

If a higher developed entity looks at you from outside and sees your stumbling-stumbling, he loves you, even if he leaves you free in this situation. He did not hurt you; your destruction is because of your ignorance. If he intervents just only once, he will be responsible for you, because all of the organizing-principle he gave to you has consequences to your life, and for a treatment you will need new information and new instructions. If you believe in this entity and you asked for his help, you also authorized him to break down all those false knowledge and faith inside you, with which you do harm yourself. From that time all of his action is generated by his mercy.
I just told you this situation because I would like you to understand the followings: love of God exists inside you, just not in this clear way. If a man contacts with an other man for most of the time the reason is the law of attraction-repulsion. To make it clear: both of them would like to receive something from the other person, something which the other one has. During this contact you get to know the other person, and you see his/her wrong knowledge and faith compared to yourself:
  • If you do not intervene you like the other man; but if you are not strong enough in faith and trust you just harm yourself. So you do not love yourself.
  • If you intervene and the other person welcomes it, you did not harm, you liked the other one and yourself, so you were able to get rid of the duality.
  • If you intervene, but it is against the other person and you made him got onto even deeper; you hurted him, and hurted yourself, because the doubt was growing in both of you.
  • If you intervene, and because of you the other person gets deeper, but after he recognize that it was just for him and it rised him to a higher level; in this case you have not hurted him, you loved him and also yourself.
  • If you recognise the final truth, that everything is one and everything is withouth end you will find out that you are not able to hurt anybody. Do not be a snuffler, because without of the real live through of the final truth you can hurt yourself in a way that will result dualty in your coming lives. You will feel the guilt if you are not clever in this particular subject.
You are able to intervene to other man's life with a thought, with a word and with action. Based on this the law of the love says:
  • Do not think of anything which can hurt you or other people
  • Do not speak that way which can hurt you or other people
  • Do not act that way which can hurt you or other people
  • Your harmful actions (thought, word, act) will always act on you. From the above statements you can conclude about Love of God:
  • You can do anything, but do not harm yourself or other people
  • If you intervene to somebody else life, it is good, if he agrees with it (a pray to God serves this)
To be able to figure out the essence of love of God it is important to see that all of our fear and conflict is because of our thirst of existence. Man follows his desires, because he is looking for happiness (most of the time in a wrong way), so he sees the solution of his life in occupancy and affinity. He knows almost nothing about himself that’s why he needs to have a prove about his existence: who is he? If he satisfies his needs for living, this way he proves his own existence to himself. If he founds a relationship, this way he tries to prove the sustenance of his own kind.
God insists on nobody and nothing. That’s why he does not need to sustain hismself and his own kind. The most important truth of God is: I exist! Because he does not deny and does not insist he doesn’t intervene to people’s live without a valid reason; but he answers to the honest prays. His love manisfests in sharing and diffusing the truth of the life: I exist! It is called: living force. From the man, who can fully admit this principle, disappears the uncertainty of existence and the feel of end; he becomes eternal and without end, and will be able to share this with other entities. If you undrestand this paragraph you can admit that man can reach this status with his insistent faith in God.
Please understand: not that is important what you eat or if there will be a hotel on the heart-chakra of Earth or not. The question is simple: To be, or not to be. Who believes correctly wins forever living, and who is referring to jerkwater laws on behalf of love will suffer and look for the meaning of his life. You recognise the love of God because it supports the life. If you kill an animal, but if you give him the respect that you believe in him, in this case you love him and on top of that you provided him a higher level existence. In case you kill without respect you will also die as there will be nobody who can lift you up to a higher level. As God is the truth and everything organised by the truth, sometimes this truth –based on your previous decisions- screws you out, humble and foray you. If you are able to believe in God in spite of these listed situations, you will reach salvation!