The beggars of love Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   

A szeretet koldusai

An ignorant person thinks that he knows everything about the world; a starting pathfinder finds out how much does he not know about the world; and an advanced pathfinder realises that everybody is a beggar of love.  Man can cross the gate of heaven only if he recognised his own darkness and he was able to beat it. The fight against the darkness is one of the foundation-stones of waiting the Christ.


Do not doubt that devils in disguise are amongst us, with a task to let the humanity be kept in this illusion, and try to assist unknowingly in the Man's final fall. When a man starts to feel the need of true love and truth, there is always a tempter, who ensures that man should be satisfied with half-truths instead of the whole truth; and satisfied with affections and insistence instead of true love. This is the way how man became the beggar of love.

The beggars ask other people’s help to cover their daily needs. Only few of them dare to show that they are in lack of love; rather their daily acts reflect their unspoken requests. The negligent and similar beggar people do not notice that others also beg for love, that’s why tragedies happens, because people living next door do not pay attention to each other. They do not pay attention to the signs in the acts showing other person needs attention, care, a kind word,  an information, which takes away his doubts.
The beggars of love ask you to love them on their own “language”, and the interpretation of this language is not too complicated, if we abstract from our daily selfish lifes and able to see the other man in his own reality. Here comes the different types of how a beggar of love asks:
The beggar of love wants to be special, and wants everybody to pay attention to him. He is looking for the occasion that he should be in the centre of interest. If this will not happen, he will be depressed and/or calls the other’s attention with immoral behaviour.
The beggar of love is the slave of his carreer; always talks about how much he succeeded in his life, what kind of acknowledgements he received, how much salary-improvement he got.
The beggar of love attracts others' attention with his material goods. He always finds it important to present his new acquisitions. He shows off on a hardly noticeable way when he buys a new property or any other material good; he finds it important for others to acknowledge his material endeavours.
The beggar of love concentrates on his dressing; and concentrates on improving his body-shape; and with emphasizing these above mentioned actions, he tries to bath in other’s affection.
The beggar of the love points out the strength or weakness of his partner often proudly and unduly, just to get into the centre of attention.
The beggar of the love does everything to represent his child in the best possible way, overemphasizes his/her abilities, and make deep conclusions from 1-1 early-childhood tendency. Some beggar just don’t care if this behaviour hurts the child, even though he wants the largest twinkling  for him/her: just because he himself may glitter meanwhile.
The beggar of love is not controlled by the true thirst of knowledge when he learns; for him the important piece is to collect different school grades (high school graduation, degree). Also what counts for him is the paper (what he usually puts on his wall) and not the knowlegde.
The beggar of love competes; rules over you (sexually, emotionally, etc.); and is afraid of failure, afraid of pain (in soul), afraid of critic.
The beggar of love officious in help, he wants to help where it may not really needed.
The beggar of love wants to meet other people’s expectations. He plays roles in which role he himself is not able to believe; but he thinks this way he can win other people’s love; and on the other hand he is afraid of conflicts.
The beggar of love is always lying, boasting, and tries to show always a good picture about himself,; or he continuously talks about his own pain, just to enforce other people’s regret.
The beggar of love is able to speak with you about nothing during hours and hours. He always has an opinion about everything, even though it has no value/truth in it; the aim is to keep the conversation going and controlled by himself.
The beggar of love keeps secrets from himself and his past, because he is afraid of other people would not love him,  if they find out who really he is.  
The beggar of love boasts with his accidents and illnesses to gather other people’s attention, moreover he often ‘escape’ to illness to be taken care by others.
Above list is not complete, and I hope you realised what is it about. The beggars of love stole (unconsciously) the vitality from each other with the most various tricks. The vitality, which focuses on the beggar from the attention of the other people. Till that time I pay attention to you, I share myself with you, so you can have a piece from my living force.
These vitality-acquisition mechanisms developed within the human evolution, but they are based on a basic mistake: only the truth, the faiht can give us real vitality; everybody, who use above mentioned mechanisms are in a trap: in his own demonic trap. The illusion is given by the  ignorance and the feeling of separation. Imagine that when you act like any of above, at the same time you form the picture what other people see about you, and with time this will be a hard weight on your shoulders, and would not be easy to ger tid of them. They affect you as a strict law. This is one of the reasons why it became so hard to change for those pathfinders who comitted themselves to the laws of God. Here I do not talk about the negligent changes we can hear about the ‘celebs’, that they totally changed in 1-2 months. This is not the truth, and also this communication is not true;  it is also a beggar activity just to catch the others eyes.
With only a few exceptions everybody is a begger! You have to understand the largest truth of the life before you can break out of this situation. Not that count where you were born or what you did in the past; what count is: are you able to commit yourself towards a happier future. It is not important what your job is now or how wealthy you are. It is not important if you have people around you, and it is also not important who they are. It does not count how young or how old are you.  It is not important if other people loves you or not; the only important aspect is if you love other people and yourself or not. It does not matter what other people think about you, it only counts who you consider yourself.
If you would like to break out from this beggar-existence, you have to recognise that every existent is going through not only on a physical-evolution, rather on a sense-evolution. The question is not  that who can do it quicker and who can do it slower; it only counts that you need to accept that this evolution exists. If you recognise that this evolution is the target and the predestination for everybody, you can admit that this evolution can be accelerated only if we find out that there is no competition in the sense-evolution. Somebody is better in the creation of material goods, somebody knows more about relationship, and somebody is more developed in the area of responsibility; but all of them has their own weakness also, and this weakness brings them to the lower level of evolution. I hope you understand! Everybody stands on a high level of evolution in some areas and also on a low level of evolution in other areas at the same time. If you get this right, you will recognise that you won’t need other people’s attention, you won’t need a competition, and you are able to love everybody without any condition. Who stands on a higher level of evolution in any aspect could be your teacher; and who stands on a lower level could be your student.

If you do not go for others' love, and you only go for yourself to be able to love everybody; the time of the light will reach you. When the illusion falls down from the man, he will harmonize with the vitality of God through his own created love and piece. He will not need to beg for love again, because God provides him vitality, which ensures living forever and without boudaries. The road of the beggars of love is the Christ wide-road. Do not walk on it as it drives to hell. In the narrow road your aim is not to get vitality; your aim is to become one with it. The road leading to this is not made from begging; it is made from regrets and forgiveness.