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Written by Ayurvéda portál   

Az alázat

It has happened once, that we were more sitting at a table and were talking about God. As a result of the disagreements an argument evolved between the halves, everybody asserted his own truth strongly. One part of the crowd covered his own standpoint referring to the books of international authors, however he was not able to bring up any more argument in order to assure the others. An old man was sitting at the table, who was silent all the time, then he exclaimed vehemently:”the humble heart is missing from this crowd!”  


What does it mean to be humble? Who is able to say that? When two halves are sueing with each other with a big sound, both halves may say it from the other one, that there is no humility in him, if the other one does not breaks off the altercation? I hear to say to a person already that he is not humble, who had a very strong faith that he did not bowed in front of a conception of such a man, in which both of them has been controlled by the fear, and not the faith. I was the witness of such a talk also, in which one of the halves called the other one not humble, just because he was not willing to cave in to the affection of the other one. What may be the truth in this?  

When the priests are talking about the humility, they use to mention Jesus as an example mostly, because he was the one, who let it with a turn-down head to torture and to crucify him. It seems so from this context so, as if the humility would be nothing else, than the self-sacrifice without a condition in front of the will of the other people. The evil people, who wants to rule referring to spiritual laws on those people, who has a fear of God according to their gender knowledge and their false endeavours, they explain the laws always so, as they reach their aims the best. Thanks to this a believer man can be blackmailed the easiest today reffering to Divine laws.
Jesus was really humble, but he did not bow in front of the will of the man, but in front of the Divine will, the single motivation of his act is to fulfil what God commanded to him, hereby he shows an example from morals for those people who are in a need of faith and love. From this it follows that the humility is nothing else, than the following of the will of God without a condition, that senses state, when the man puts God ahead by every mundane thing. The humility means the faith to the morals, in which the man apart from the Divine will, acts accrding to his own faith in every moment and he would never betray that neither for the object of his affection, nor from a fear.
The sin is the contrast of the humility. Few humble man lives on the Earth today, not only because almost all man lives in duality, but also because very few people took the calling of God seriously:”And you are to be holy to me, for I the Lord am holy” or “ Be then complete in righteousness, even as your Father in heaven is complete”.
When the uncle called out at the table:”the humble heart is missing from this company!”, said a judgement primarily onto himself. All people say a judgement about himself, who tells the other man a person without humility , but he himself does not follow the moral laws. When a man tells to the other one, that you are a one without humilty, calls out to the other person in practice:guilty. Who despises the sin in his soul though and lives in a sin after all, fall into the trap of the hypocritical judgement.
Every man is guilty opposite to God, there is not a single exception. Not every guilty man goes to the hell, only those ones, who became evil in their sins. The evil man chases the satisfaction of his own bodily needs only, finds pleasure in the harm of other ones, looks for the miss of the other man and denies the unit of the soul.
When two people sue above spiritual things, it can be that one of them or also the other one or maybe both of them are ignorant, but it is not sure, that they are without humility, if they believe that they preach the true. From outside it is not possible to tell that either the humility or the pride controls them. However if somebody wants to receive the soul of the humility into himself, he should get to know the will of God first, then if he knows it already, should follow it without a condition. The will of God cannot be recognised, only if you got to know yourself inside, when all of your questions run out though, and you don’t want to know anything more about the life, you have to know, that you fulfilled it also.