The tree of the life and the death Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   
 Az élet és a halál fájaThe man – differs at first sight however – resembles a tree very much. Not only in it, that the lowest instincts (subsistence, race preservation) works with the same aim, but also in it, that there are two hidden trees in the man, which practically corresponds with a real tree looking at it’s sustaining processes. I told many story about the secrets of the tree of the life and death on this portal already, I would like the emphasize the contexts rather now. 
The completeness of the man and at the same time also the secret of his separation feeling resides in his roots. His root is nothing else, than the forbear confidence mentioned by many people, which I call existence confidence, because the essence is not it’s antique, but it’s extension. The existence confidence defines our contact to the existence, that pushes very serious questions at the same time. We bring this root of ours from the parents with us along, so the original sin shades this confidence.
The life and the death is the cardinal question of the existence confidence, many things follows from this question range.
    * Who does not have a full faith in the eternity, that man is afraid of the death.
    * Who does not have a full existence confidence, is afraid of the death, or is afraid of the life. This is the basis of all kind of fear.
    * Who has existence safety fears, that man has together with this a so-called existence thirst (desire) as a compensation, this existence thirst keeps the man here in the material world. This is the basis of all kind of desire.
    * The existence thirst and the existence safety fear together create the separation feeling, the so-called ego. This is the basis of all kind of illusion.
    *  The limit of the ego is analogous with the limit of the body
The existence thirst materializes in seven main desires, while the existence safety fear in seven main fear. We wrote about these in detail already previously on the portal.
As the tree does not only feeds through his root, so the man does not live so either. The human senses is able to change the samples sucked by the roots. As the tree needs light, this light for the man resides in his correct recognitions. The knowledge got in the course of his life (consciousness) may influence the fate determined by the roots especially.
The faith is the one that is able to end the polarity caused by the desires and fears on all level. This we call as the golden mean, from which we already wrote on the portal. We may call it the road of the morals as well, or also as the Divine road. From this it follows that:
    * as many kind of fear exists in the life, there should be a correct faith in the man onto all of these, which:
          - ends the given fear.
          - does not create a newer fear.
    * Onto the man’s correct faiths for example you can read in the article “Answers”, but any of the holy scripture is suitable for it, that you draw for yourself such a principles kept to be true, that ejects your fears.
    * When the fear ends, there is no need for a compensation, the existence thirst ends so as well, namely the desire.
    * Without the existence thirst and fear the forbear confidence revives again, and the man disengages from his bodily captivity.
Apart from the tree of the life and the death there is a third tree as well. The tree of the knowledge. Only that man is able to escape from under his constraints, who has a correct knowledge about the life, about the death, and about all of it’s levels. As the getting of the incorrect knowledge bought the first couple to the sin, so the last one will be freed from under it by the correct knowledge.
What would I like to hand over to you? The tree of the death carries the death in his roots. Be looking for your faith in the eternity, because if you engraft the root of the tree of the death with life, then it develops into the tree of the life. Not the desires and the fears grow on the tree of the life, but morals, confidence, faith, courage, power, creativity, love, truth and the responsibility. I could count these until the infinity of course, however I would like if you would notice one thing: you do not reach these with power, but only if you get the faith, which develops them.   
Many people are looking for their own road. Many people got to be deceived ones, because they got an apparent peace in such a knowledge, which did not strengthened them in morals, but they got a toy from the devil in order for them to act in return for the life.
God and also Jesus called in their folk onto the liberation from under the body, very few people follow this road today however. I recommend to you, if you are a believer, that recognise the tree of the death in yourself. Right, you realise it, how guilty you are and you find yourself in the depths suddenly. Afterwards you have an opportunity to recognise the tree of the life however, you are the one that you have achieved from it until now, that is the life in you, all the other is just illusion. On your road, if you call the God for help, you’ll see how quick he helps. He helps to everybody, who engaged himself next to the riddance. To the transition you will need the tree of the knowledge, you may get this free on the portal however.