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Written by Ayurvéda portál   
 SziszifuszOnce upon a time a famous master said that suffering is the truth in this world. Buddha tought, that man who does not know the spiritual laws could easily leave the way of morals and judge himself onto suffering till the time he is not able to return to the way of morals.

Of course many people do not recognize that they suffer, because their threshold of stimulus is so high that they judge their life as “normal”, moreover they think they are quite happy. This article was not written for the ones living in illusion, but it was written for those ones who recognized their suffering and are able to declare that they are not happy.

There are a lot of characteristics of suffering: spiritual pains as sadness, anger, envy, etc., or bodily pains as itching, burn and real pains. At the same time passions, lack of freedom, excessive affections also belong here, which manacle man.
If we would analyse what is the reason of suffering, we could easily conclude similarly as we did in the article “The enemy”, that the reason is the sin, and the reason of the sin is the duality, and duality is because of ignorance. This shows that man will remain in suffering till he has not gain the correct knowledge to the liberation. This is the reason why Krisna, Buddha, Jesus and other masters taught humanity to lift up morals and to relieve humanity's suffering.
There is a special type among the different sufferings. Man, whose life is rooted deeply in sin, suffers also when he wants to break out from there. If man accepted a kind of truth which brings sin and suffering to man, when that man decides to follow God, he should face following duality at the beginning: previous faith vs. new knowledge. Because this is a same duality as the others, man feels the difficulty of the change, and because of this many people gives up the change pointing to the right direction. Satan seems to have bigger power than God, because duality is there in every change, and this gives advantage to him.
But God may not be just hoaxed, because there is a solution for this issue, and it is called forgiving. Man should follow his previous faith until he considers it true. Based on this we can ask help from our human sense: to find in our previous wrong faith system what false is, so that we should release it without a doubt. This can be done as per following ones:
•   Man is confident about the word of the prophets appearing in the scripture and masters and blindly accepts their teaching as true one, and everything opposite them man considers false.
•   Finds an exception in his present faith system, when it was not a truth… in this case that idea can not be an absolute truth, so exceptions always bring duality onto us.
•   Man accepts a new teaching as true one because the old one did not made him happy, so this way he gives hismelf the chance to be freed from suffering by the new teaching.
False masters teach dogmas accepted universally on morals, although morals is different by every other people. Strengths affecting through contacts (actions, communication, etc.) may show some similarity, but according to man's consciousness level the content of morals is already diffused. Because of this can be allowed, that Krisna murdered, and the incoming Christ would also do it, but they are not in sin, although the teach opposite way to humanity.
You may ask it rightfully if you do not know the correct rules of the morals, what is the way out from suffering. My answer is: there is no way out. It proves this that knowledge on earth is growing and in the past couple of decades the knowledge about God is increased, but knowledge does not equals with morals, and the nature of morals could be understood only by an enlightened man. Enlightened does not equals here with man with big knowledge.
Example of Aposle Paul taught humanity that it is necessary to suffer for God's name, because morals carry man through suffering and death, but only that man can win, who carries on all the time. Salutation is based on this law by God. In the last days God emits his anger onto the world, who is not scandalized by it, and his faith would remain immovable, would became God’s child and would be taken care of forevermore.
Who feels that he does not know what morals is, it is better if he starts searching for it, not to be surprised and humiliated when he has to account in front of God. You should not believe that God examines how much you donated or how much you prayed. He examines how was your contact with the morals.