The Antichrist Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   


Az Antikrisztus

People do guess with a concealed curiosity in Christian circles first of all, whether who can be the demonic creature appearing in the prophecies, who comes into the world only to debase the divine ethical order and to push as many soul as possible into a fall. I would not like to consult now about his person, but from that, how blind the people are…

In the last fifty years the ethical order in the world declined more, than in the past 200years altogether, however that was also not a little, since also that has exceeded the average of the past two thousand years. There has been periods of the history, when most of the people feared the God, even if not everybody, by today it is very hard to find a true believer on our planet. The false verbs of the false prophets graved wickets on the verb, so they made them not traceable and not respectable in the eyes of the people.

Idols are born in the name of God and take their place on the main squares, along the roads and in the churches. Instead of God the folk is praying to people called as saints, they hope refuge also through them if their fate turns to worse. We start wars under the aegis of the peace, the love and the democracy, the divorce and the marriage of the homosexuals got a  law support. Divine verbs gained a sense which can be oppose God with his own command, and people are dying in his name in attempts and terror attacks. People are controled by the greed and the envy, they do not deal with their spiritual life already, they do not search for higher truth like the body , even on the day of the Lord. They do not celebrate the day of the Lord on Saturday as he commanded it, but on Sunday, so let the opposition be full. Their yearning and their lasciviousness is unsatisfied, there are very few people, who made the temperance and the real fast the part of his life.

People are serving their body unflagging, but they do not collect spiritual treasures. The truth, the love and the peace got to be frayed words. Noone remembers already on the true nature of those, they often mention them day by day in their words though. Many parents are angry at his child for those sins onto which he taught his son with his guide, more and more children does not rescpect his father and his mother, moreover many people do not shrink back from the fact that they should be angry at the root from where they stem from.

God gave the Earth once to the man free in order for him to live. Free land, free food, free drink, free air, this was the increment. The devil threw customs on everything already today. He multiplied the humanity before, because the sexuality is good. Then he made the animals protected, which may be the food of the man. If you would wish to eat domestic animals though, pay and be the prisoner of the money. If you want a land, you may do it, but from that time you will be the salve of the mammon. Do you want water? You may do it, but from that time the mammon is the lord in you. The lord of the darkness was always presented in the life of the people, but only his ghost, because his heart failed him to appear openly because of the faith of the people.

 If the Antichrist would appear in an age in front of the people when the people know and love the truth, there would be noone, who would yield him, so he wouldn’t be able to win above any single soul. However the ghost of the satan forewents his coming, in order to prepare his work. Slowly, step by step goes foreward the soul through more generations on the road of the curse, that let those people not to appear his work, who are still hoping in God.

The man is blind, in the age of Christ he didn’t notice the sings of the Christ age, now, when they live in the age of the antichrist obviously, they don’t even notice it’s signs. It is because of this, that when the man of the sin goes on openly, is able to deceive many people, since his spirituality already pierced the heart of the people who went off the road of God. In the ghost of the antichrist they believe world-dominating leaders, state leaders, false prophets, celebs and everybody who does not know the truth, but they evangelize the humanity on the wide road that leads to the hell.

You may not find out from me either who is the antichrist, from what you can recognise him. I am not crazy in order to cross God’s plan. But God authorized me on that, to tell you, that all of you drank already from his philter in less or bigger measure. The spirituality, which leads you, is stronger and huger than you are, you are not able to rise above him. This is so, if the devil makes you believe in order for you to try to fight against him, because it is also one of his intrigues. But when you fight, and you want to rise above intellectual strengts with the power of the strength, you only increase your ego, which is also from the devil. So the trap is full, which the darkness plotted against you. Only one hope left for you, let’s humiliate yourselves equal to the land and ask for the differential soul of the life and the death, and let’s wait for the Christ, who is greater, than his enemy.

The antichrist is in the world, he is everywhere where the sin gains and will be kept through the people. He appears in front of you as the creature of the light, because your eyes are blind in the sea of the desires and fears. He advertises, what you hear with pleasure, he let you see what you see with pleasure, he turns your own being’s darkest bundles against you. He saves you from your enemy, he asks just a small part of your freedom in return, he brings rules in the interest of your protection constantly. Makes it as long as his ghost encroaches on you totally and you get under his power finally. If you don’t hit yourself in time, you find yourself that you find partners for you on the road that leads to the hell.

Maya or vedic prophecy, it doesn’t matter. God’s biblical verb seems to be fulfilled, and the holy secret reveals itself in your life with a good chance. Watch out, not to miss the wedding of the lamb, because in an opposite case your wedding won’t be uplifting and happy, since the satan is not the best bridal guest.