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Written by Ayurvéda portál   


A szentlélek

According to the priest’s teachings the people keep it so, that there are three persons in God:the father, the boy and the Holy Spirit. This time I write you about the Holy Spirit at the request of Andrea82, because even the saint books do not familiarizes it with the man what it is necessary to know about him, and since the priests do not even know his nature, they give up the Holy Spirit to the people so, as if they would have power above it.

There is more information in the above paragraph, which needs an explanation. One of them is that the Holy Spirit is not a person. It would be interesting, if the man would give up a person without hurting the free will of the person. In fact there are not three persons in God, but numberless for the man, since there is one God and noone else is outside of him, your and my person is also not outside of him. God is the one, who exists, entities free from the material world exist in him and entities twitting to the material world exist in him. The kindly sentences created by the man drift the people to the separation without knowing the reality and they hand them over to the devil.

So the Holy Spirit is not a person, but God’s soul free from boundaries. We may say that it’s God’s soul free from the polarity. Neither a shape, nor a body or material, not even an idea adheres to him, so it brings liberation for that man, who is able to admit him. Since the Holy Spirit leads to the full truth, the man partook in the grace is able to resign about his constraint of the material world and to live more clearer spiritual life, the Holy Spirit is nothing else, than the ability onto the forgiving. If you suppose this sentence and you examine that to how many people the priesthood consigned the “Holy Spirit”, the people are selfish after all, they insist to their materials better after all, than to God, to the truth, the peace and to the love, than you may realise that what they deliver is at best a good intent.

In the mercy state of the Holy Spirit the body senses stops in the man (he does not feel that there is a body), his consciousness opens and all illusion falls down. In this state he sees teachings and visions from the truth (not from the future, than the oracles), which is nothing else than the spiritual reality of all beings. Through the Holy Spirit the man is able to experience God’s endless love.

I always smile on those people who are sending letters from the vegetarian menu with that message that the people still do not understand the essence of the Divine love. The letter-writer also does not understand it because God’s love does not depend on earthly things. I myself eat meat, but on hungarian land (indeed…) there is no man who would know God’s love better, who would know the essence of the Holy Spirit better than me. If I look at a believer man with mercy, whos endeavour I consider as true, experiences that secret, which I carry in myself already since five years from God’s mercy. God’s love is so sweeping, that who experienced it once, do not want to return into the material world, the absence nibbles their heart as a burning feeling. Who did not lived this love through yet, cannot catch it either, because all this cannot be caught with a human measure.

Do not believe to any man, who say that the Holy Spirit is with them, but their acts knit them to the material, do not also believe to those people who speak on foreign languages, they say through the soul, but the greed, the lust and the darkness of the fears are in their look. Because not the speaking on languages brings the Holy Spirit onto the man, but the honest reception of the Holy Spirit brings for the man speaking on languages.

In whom the Holy Spirit does not reside in, maybe based on God’s teachings, but they live their life according to human laws. The life of the people living without the Holy Spirit are directed by their desires and fears, the man living with the spirit directs the sense of duty. The man living with the soul does not cries always keenly to God, does not ask all kind of earthly things from him, just follows his will faithfully, and praises him, because the Holy Spirit teaches onto this. The saints helped to rich and poor, the man living with the soul helps to that person, whom endeavour he finds true, because the Holy Spirit teaches onto this. The person who works for the vanity, may not understand the essence of the Holy Spirit. For the man living without the Holy Spirit there are more important things than God, which he proves day by day, that he is able to feel a pain, to worry about earthly things, God is the most important for that person who lives with the soul.

Carrying the Holy Spirit brings a lonely road onto the man, because his thoughts and acts are incomprehensible for that person, whos consciousness roots in the soil of the material world and the false ideas of the society .There is no man who would understand you, who would support you on your road, but from the strength of the Holy Spirit you have to go, even if you are judged or you are hated. The man living with the Holy Spirit calls off his desires, is freed from his fears and nothing else drives him, just the sense of duty. However the road of the Holy Spirit is a happy road because the man carries the confidence in himself. If you are believer people, be looking for the Holy Spirit, because who thirsts for the truth, it’s thirst will be taken away.