The book of the life and the death Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   
 Az élet és a halál könyveMost of the people are make sure of that the order of the life is, if someone borns, grows up, contrives somehow the life, then he dies. Since he is underage spiritually, and does not have a true knowledge neither from the soul, nor from himself, he does not even suspects, that this state is just thanks to his wrong knowledge and faith.


The reality is that the man decides between life and death every moment. The fact that (almost everybody) he dies is thanks to that, that he did not accepted the instructions neither from God, nor from prophets or true masters about the life, so his roots has a strong constraint in the death.
This is my last writing on the portal because I leave the country in some hours in order to go further on the roads of the soul. With this the prophecy of Pio father is going to be fulfilled and Hungary’s bird flies out however I leave you here “The book of the life and death”.
The book of the life shows you that with what kind of decisions you approach to the death and with which ones the life. I wrote it in order to refund the man back to God,  and to say against the satan, who managed to deceive the humanity.
Do not read the book just because from curiosity, because if you do not prepare for it, it will hurt certainly. It hurted also to me when I realised that all my life was a lie before. Read it if you have an unquenchable desire for God and you are looking for the truth.  Not only to the believers but it will also hurt to the faithless ones, it will certainly divide the readers. There will be people who will be with malice for the writing. At the same time I believe it with a full spirit that the man does not have any other opportunity to get nearer to God than to bring his own correct decisions according to the book.
It is sad, that the biggest oppositionals of the book are just the “Christ followers”, who if don’t understand the message of the book, are Christ followers, than the devil. Namely the book has been written just for the correct Christ waiting.
I gave it to you free, transmit it free, the one who hopes money and other profit from it, that man get’s a judgement according to the book of the death.
Who accepts the content of the book as true, that man should distribute it to all people and all folk, let him be a solider of God and Christ in order to prove his faith because if the contect of this book is true and someone does not help the coming of God’s country, that man judges himself through the book. Who will be the witness of the ones taken in the book of the life and so he will be the fighter of God, will get an award according to the book of the life.
The book does not contain the final reality, that I left to the community of the ayurvedika in order for them to keep the knowledge about the life. You can download the book here:⟨=hu⟨=hu