Cowardice Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   
 This word sounded in the life of the man many times. If it wasn’t even inteded to him, but was present, when it was thrown to the recipient in contemptuous key, that he is coward. This is a light statement, who concerns the other one with such an expression, is under his judgement often. 
Somebody is called coward in the childhood, if he does not dare to go up to the rope, or he does not want to take a part in the common mischief. As a young adult that person is called coward by the friends and acquaintances, who does not want to take a part in some kind of extreme sport, or does not dare to near to his platonic love. The coward word sounds mostly however, when children or adult people who were getting invloved in a conflict calling each other to fight, in order for their truth to be proven, but the other half abstains from the violent solution.  
It is written that the coward ones may not get into God’s country, but not the above listed “cowards” are the outlaws of the New Jerusalem after all, but often those ones, who stigmatizes the other one. That why? Because the secret of the real cowardice – like for so many aspects – resides in the relation to the truth. The relation to the truth exalts or pills the man. The real coward is the one, who does not dare to change in his relation to the truth in order to be happier. 
The real coward man does not dare to take the consequences of his act, he cowers that the world judges him, and he does not even suspect that not the world’s judgement weighs on him  on the judgement day, but his own. The coward one daren’t express his needs, and to confess his faith, because he is afraid that the world considers him as crank and throws him out from himself, the reality is however, that he considers crank himself, so he brings wrack onto his own head. The coward man daren’t to break with witless social or community habits, traditions, does not dare to say no to the selfish expectations of other people, because he thinks, that the people do not love him, but he does not love himself in fact and neither the rest of the people, so he stands under his judgement. The coward man daren’t to face with his judgement transmitted to other people, does not dare to accept the criticism, because he thinks, that he looks weaker then, than the rest of the people, the reality is however, that he does not consider himself much, so his own judgement gains upon sooner or later. The coward man does not dare to break with his passions, insists on false materials, animals, people, insists on principles, even if it has been proven from them a long time ago, that they are false. He thinks he releases these, his security sense gets lost, the reality is that he tries to cover his fears with all these, so he stands under the judgement of his disbelief. The coward man does not dare to face to the death. His cowardice is not hidden in the fact that he is not able to be freed from it, but in that, that since he knows that his fate is the passing, he is not able to tolerate this consciousness with dignity. Who believes in it that he is going to die, and he dreads the death after all, instead of he would live until his death with integrity and happy, counts as a dead person in his life already.
The coward man does not dare to leave from the picture formed about him, insists on his human game. Someone plays his role on the stage of the life in all of his life, maybe, he smiles meanwhile and has smaller joys in it, but if the devil would not give a smaller joy, the man would die of that promptly. The man can be deceived, but the soul never. Who contrives a smaller hell day by day, the soul of that man burns really on the fire of the hell already, the joys according to the body eases still it’s troublesome pain. Who is coward to change on himself, on the picture projected from himself, his soul will stay in the hell as well. Can you imagine, what kind of experience it’s going to be, if the bodily pleasures cannot ease already the gnawing fire of the hell after your death any more? If you don’t have a chance any more to change everything according to the body?
The coward man acts his cowardice in the name of the love, but you have to know that this is not true. The coward man rises an illusion and confirms many people in their disbelief, so he serves the devil every day. Look at the fruit of the acts of the coward man:The old people say that it is maybe true, what I am talking, but they don’t want to change any more in their old ages. They do not know that they conceded themselves to the devil. From many of the middle-aged I hear, that it can be that they are unhappy, but they will tolerate this somehow until the end of their life. The younger ones say, that they may would be freed from the wrong traditions, conventions, but then their family would curse them. The priest says, that it can be that it would be necessary to sweep out the idols from the church, but the many believers would be scandalized in the church then and the church would lose it’s authority. Everybody says that it is hard, but they did not trie it in fact:this is the cowardice. The future is based on assumption and fear, not on confidence and experience though.
See it in the things according to the soul, the values are shaped differently. Also that man is coward, who endures the most extreme situations well, also that man can be unfaithful, who never slipped into the bed apart from his spouse, also that man can be untrue, who’s holy conviction is that he tells the truth. Who is thinking according to the soul only recognises the real contect of the divine aspects.
The law sounds so:” But those who are full of fear and without faith, the unclean and takers of life, those who do the sins of the flesh, and those who make use of evil powers or who give worship to images, and all those who are false, will have their part in the sea of ever-burning fire which is the second death.” /Revelation 21.8/. It is possible to formulate the sentence more simply:The faithless ones will burn. Who does not beleive, burns also now, the inner fire runs high in him, even if the man points it or if stifles it. Many people states from themselves, that they believe, but they are religious only, or they have a desire to believe. The true faith forms and strenghtens the man, the disbelief makes him coward and unable to change. Who is unable to the change though, the presence of the Holy Spirit is slight in that man. I suggest you to pray in order to be brave.